Inside Dharma

As part of its efforts to apply the Zen teachings of wisdom and compassion to daily life, SHINZO ZEN MEDITATION CENTER is sponsored by a non-profit, non-denominational Buddhist organization called INSIDE DHARMA. Outreach programs are dedicated to offering information, support and encouragement to incarcerated and recently released individuals in a manner consistent with Buddhist principles.

Inside Dharma:
Supplies Volunteers in Corrections to Missouri prisons where meditation is taught, in addition to introducing dharma teachings to inmates.
Sends reading and practice materials and the Inside Dharma Newsletter to inmates. The newsletter is mailed to nearly 700 inmates every two months.
Provides recently released ex-offenders referrals to useful agencies and opportunities through the Start Here Project. Cell phones, clothing, bicycles, and other needed items are provided to people who are released to St. Louis after incarceration.
Inside Dharma also engages in special projects serving the homeless community, which includes many ex-offenders.